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I'm a BAFTA nominated game developer with eight years of experience making games professionally. I've worked on both desktop and mobile games and specialise in making games you can play right in the browser (both on your computer and on your phone!)

I mostly work using Unity3D, HTML5, and Flash. Get in touch! kyle@helixfox.com

I've worked on too many projects to list all on one page, so here's a selection of the work I'm most proud of:

This is a personal project but I'm including it here as it's an excellent example of how far you can push HTML5 games these days. Helix Hexagon is a difficult action game that will push your reaction times to the limit. How long can you survive?

Built as part of an investigation into the Phaser HTML5 framework. It's rather obviously inspired by Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon.

Playable in your browser on both desktop and mobile!

Hoopla was built in Flash to help promote thes CBBC show starring Dick and Dom. The game features four modes, each with a unique gameplay mechanic. Also features online multiplayer for each mode!

Nominated for a BAFTA in the Online - Browser category!

Hoopla is no longer available to play, but you can check out footage of it here.

Created with Flambé in Haxe and deployed to Flash and HTML5, Farter Christmas was developed as a promotional game to market Team Cooper's ability to produce high quality HTML5 games that work on desktop and mobile devices.

The game itself has you controlling Father Christmas, whose reindeer have run amok and left him behind. Not to worry though, because old Saint Nick can harness the power of the sprout to propel him through the air to deliver the rest of the presents.

There's a bit more about the game on the Team Cooper Blog.

Farter Christmas can be played here.

Created with Flambé in Haxe and deployed to Flash and HTML5, Scary GodParents was created for Nickelodeon based on their series "The Fairly OddParents" and was intended to promote a specific episode featuring the Tuba-Cabra.

You play as Timmy who has been tasked with running around the park and rescuing his friends who have been trapped inside the school lockers. However, the Tuba-Cabra will try to stop you, along with Foop and a Rabid Badger!

Playable in the browser, both on desktop and mobile, on the US Nickelodeon site.

Built using TypeScript and deployed to JavaScript, Dani's Castle: Hidden Treasures is a hidden object game developed for CBBC.

The aim of the game is to visit each of the game's areas in each game mode (Find and Seek, Spot the Difference, Against the Clock) and earn points based on how quickly you can find the required items.

As this is a HTML5 game, a priority of the project was to make sure it all worked fine on both desktop and mobile browsers.

This game can be played here.

Built in Flash, Bobble Bots Bustle was created to promote Mind Candy’s new line of Moshi Monsters toys.

The game puts you in the role of traffic conductor, whose job is to arrange barriers so that each Bobble Bot gets to its target location. Sounds simple, but each level gets progressively harder with lots of Bobble Bots to look after!

Bobble Bots Bustle can be played here.

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If you have a project you think I could help with, drop me a line at kyle@helixfox.com