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Hunt and capture a team of ghosts to help you travel across a post-apocalyptic haunted Great Britain, putting to rest the spirits of the dead and battling the forces of Greater London.

Currently in development for desktop platforms. Check out the website for information, screenshots, etc.

Helix Hexagon is a difficult action game that will push your reaction times to the limit. How long can you survive?

Built as part of an investigation into the Phaser HTML5 framework. It's rather obviously inspired by Terry Cavanagh's (much superior) Super Hexagon.

Playable in your browser on both desktop and mobile!

Polyspatial is a fast paced action game, available for free on Android devices.

The website has all the additional information you might need.

When an important medical operation went wrong, an ordinary duck was left with the torso of a loaf of bread. Now only Bread Duck can save the world from the evil sentient bread knives, hell bent on causing trouble and generally being a nuisance.

Play it in your browser here.

Protect your space station from an oncoming horde of enemy ships. Upgrade your defenses and deploy your own ships to destroy your enemies.

Play it in your browser here.

You are the rookie commander of the human alliance fleet, tasked with defending orbital platforms against the assaults of a mysterious new enemy. By building towers.

Play it in your browser here.

You're under attack! How long can you last against the endless onslaught of enemy ships. Strategically build towers to destroy them before they reach your exhaust pipe.

Play it in your browser here.

Development Log

My Tumblr is the best place to go for updates on what I've been working on lately.

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