Hello! I'm Kyle. I'm a developer of video games, interactive digital media, apps, websites, and more. You can check out my skills and some of my work below.

kyle@helixfox.com @kylerodgers Full CV

My Skills

My Games

Here's a selection of games I've made.

Emoji TD

A colourful Tower Defense game!

Crime Girl

Steal emeralds in this arcade-style platformer.


Collect ghosts in this spooky strategic turn-based RPG.


A fast paced action avoidance game.

Bread Duck

Save the Bagel Cats in this quirky puzzle platformer.

Helix Hexagon

A HTML5 tribute to Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon.


Deploy spaceships to protect your home base. How long can you survive?

Helix Defense 2

Build defenses to save the day across multiple unique missions.

Helix Defense

Build defenses to fight off the endless enemy hordes.